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Importance of Clipping Path in Photo Editing

Importance of clipping path image

Clipping path is the most useful tool that is used for E-commerce purposes. It is very powerful to cut off 2D images and used to increase the quality of the picture. Have you ever thought about how many times you have searched for a high-quality picture that you can post on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter just to catch the attention of the audience to the description box to buy or order your products?


So many retailers keep on searching for an image actually catches the attention of the audiences and they can see the description box. Millions of pictures are downloaded daily by retailers. Every e-commerce retailer wants to bring the audience to the description box just to show their quality and product information. But some often fails because the image and the description often don’t match. And so it is important to match the product with the description.

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What is a clipping path?

In Adobe Photoshop, a clipping path or “deep etch” is a closed vector path/design or shape, used to cut out/background remove/removing background from a 2D image in photo editing software. After applying the clipping path; anything inside of the path will be included and anything will be deducted or omitted outside of the path. It is a very important technique for professional image cut-out services. Nowadays it is a part of any kind of photo/image editing services like remove background, making white background, transparent background, background removal, Image masking, Photo cut out, Colour correction, Ghost mannequin etc.

By using online clipping path service you can easily and professionally display your digital photo in a different background especially in the white background which will help to focus your images online. At Pixi Path, we make a path or shape or outline manually with very carefully by hand using the pen tool to select an object. So this is the right place for you if you need any kind of product photo editing services for e-commerce business.

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Levels of clipping path complexity: How much would it be a good idea for me to pay?

Not all photo cut-out jobs are indistinguishable, so the rates for each activity differ.

Here are a few subtleties on the multifaceted nature of clipping paths, and the methods required for each:

1. Basic

A basic clipping path is the most effortless and furthermore the least expensive cut-out path to make. You can remove strong articles with not very many bent edges from their background using a basic clipping path.

An essential cut-out path would be perfect for products like cell phones, framed art, books, balls and basic canisters.

2. Simple

A simple clipping path is somewhat more complex than a basic cut-out path, however, can at present be made rapidly, so it, for the most part, costs slightly in excess of an essential clipping path. Simple clipping paths can remove objects that have a bigger number of edges and bends than those of essential clipping paths, and furthermore work for objects that have a “hole” in them, (for example, the inside of a mug handle or within a ring or neckband).

Utilize simple clipping paths to remove backgrounds from products like straightforward gems, vehicles, single furniture things or other independent items.

3. Medium

A medium clipping path happens when a object with a complicated edge must be removed from its background. Medium clipping paths are regularly unpredictable enough that few ways are made at that point combined to accomplish the final result. As you would expect, these kinds of clipping paths cost more than simple and basic clipping paths.

Medium clipping paths are perfect for removing the background from a grouping of basic things.

4. Complex

A complex clipping path is applied to objects with very complicated edges, multiple holes, and conceivably various items or varied levels of transparency. Since these kinds of clipping paths are so tedious, they cost more than simple and basic clipping paths.

Anything with fur or hair would require a complex clipping path, as would pictures with models, any product with netting, and groupings of different, complex items.

5. Multiple

A multiple clipping path is a complex clipping path with extra paths carefully created inside the product itself. Various clipping paths can spare you the difficulty of re-shooting in the event that you change the colour of your item or need to address shadows in just a portion of the picture.

Multiple clipping paths are perfect in the event that you have a complicated product or groupings of items that need colour changes or colour correction in specific zones.

6. Super Complex

Here and there, an item requires such a large number of individual clipping paths that an intricate or multiple cut-outs sufficiently isn’t. The super complex clipping path can deal with these extreme product photos, however the expense is altogether higher than that of different kinds of clipping paths. Super complex, complex, and different clipping paths may likewise be utilized related to image masking so as to accomplish an ideal outcome.

Furniture with multiple cut-outs, very complex jewellery, pet crates or a grouping of furry objects are for the most part instances of product photos that may require a super complex clipping path.

clipping path services

Image clipping Service is used in the following purposes:

  • Isolating image from the background
  • Ensure the transparency of the background
  • Editing or changing any specific area of an image
  • For color correction purposes
  • To hide the background for catalog design
  • For background removal services
  • Web image optimization
  • For the e-commerce product photo editing services

Why photo clipping is important for a Professional Photographer?

At present Photography is a very well-known job around the whole world. There are different kinds of photography such as-

  • Landscape Photography
  • Aerial Photography
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Sports & Action Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Real Estate Photography
  • Beauty Photography
  • Candid Photography
  • Food Photography
  • Family Photography
  • Modelling Photography etc.

Generally, a professional Photographer works with photography for different purposes around the whole world. Most of the Photographer take it as their professional carrier. A photographer capture a photo for any online or e-commerce business or any other purposes. They need to edit all the photos according to their client’s requirements. That’s why Photoshop photo editing services are very important for any professional and dedicated photographers. For the following purposes, a photo needs to be edited professionally by a photographer or photo editor-

  • Background Removal Service
  • Hair Masking Service
  • Image Colour Correction
  • Photo Retouching
  • Shadow Making
  • Drop-shadow
  • Wedding Photography
  • Changing Background
  • Cropping & Resizing
  • Image Cut Out
  • Isolate background etc.

For the above purposes, a photographer or photo editor needs to select an object or any specific area of a product. There are many ways to select an object in adobe Photoshop like a quick selection tool, Lasso tool, Color Range, etc. but a photo clipping path is the best way. Here, a professional photo/image editor needs to make a path manually. To make the path perfectly they use the pen tool very carefully because this is the best tool to select an object professionally. A good background is really very important to get an eye-catching photo. Without an ideal background, it will lose the impression of the photo. And that’s why the importance of Clipping Path Service is increasing day by day for a photographer.

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